A bit of string. A bag of stones.

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Veiled Souls Carved from Stone and Embedded with Crystals by Livio Scarpella

My Easter

5 months worth of period cramps are ganging upon me right now and this is the one Easter where I decided I didn’t want any chocolate eggs and there are none left in the fucking corner shop now anyway so I am travelling to Barnet to go play with a baby rabbit instead.

Reblog if you believe that someone can be asexual.


(I’m going to show this to my mom, who doesn’t think people can be asexual)

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The other day the Irish Myths book I did for the Folio Society a few years ago popped up again on a prominent blog. You can buy Irish Myths and Legends here; it is a really nice gift for someone who loves books.

I thought you guys might like to see a few more images from that series.

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It’s 4am and I am trawling tumblr. I think this is a sign I should get back to sleep.

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